Przyjemny 6,3
na podstawie 61 recenzji
Przyjemny 6,9
na podstawie 123 recenzji

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  • Warunki w obiekcie / Czystość 6,5
  • Udogodnienia 6,0
  • Lokalizacja 8,5
  • Komfort pokoju 6,9
  • Ocena personelu 5,5
  • Wart swojej ceny 5,7
  • Jedzenie/Posiłki 4,7
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Hayat – Malezja
Rodziny z małymi dziećmi
Free Wifi and aircond working well.
Space very limited even for 2 pax type of rooms. Hardly to open luggage due to space constraints and safety elements are questionable if during emergency cases.
Data recenzji: 30 lipca 2015

Cheng – Singapur
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Pokój trzyosobowy - 3 pojedyncze łóżka
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: grudzień 2012
Good for budget concern travellers
very good location, and 3 beds option
The hotel is located in the middle of Kow Loon. Close to Tsim Sha Tsui station, in the shopping areas. Located in Chungking mension where the whole building located many guesthouses with high population including Africans and Indian so it's not recommended for women travelling alone. Only 1 elevator in service for each floor that you will need to queue up at least 5 mins to get in. However, there's free wi-fi in room and the room is clean but very small to fit in big luggage. If you can pay more, recommend you to stay in proper hotel.
Data recenzji: 20 grudnia 2012

HELEN – Filipiny
Rodziny ze starszymi dziećmi
Pokój trzyosobowy - 1 podwójne łóżko + 1 pojedyncze łóżko
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: listopad 2012
Better hostel!
clean and safe
safe, clean yet the elevator is so jam packed often. Very ideal for backpackers.
Data recenzji: 05 grudnia 2012

Anonymous – Korea Południowa
Podróż z partnerem
Almost nothing. Location is good, though.
First, the reception is NOT where the info says, it is in building B. We arrived and was no one there, door was locked,and we didnt know what to do... Second, there is no window in the room! Maybe ...
Data recenzji: 03 maja 2015

Wah – Malezja
Indywidualni podróżujący
It's not very good but...
The location is perfect! Love it so much! The stuff is polite and helpful, I wanna check in early but there was no room, the stuff kept my baggage nicely and waited me back and giving me a full assist...
The room is too small, but thats Hong Kong.....
Data recenzji: 31 marca 2015

Natalya – Kazachstan
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Pokój standardowy podwójne łóżko
Nocy pobytu: 4. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
Good Location
Very close to the beach
Location of hotel is good! You can take a public bus just outside the hotel to the Sanya city, TianyaHaijiao and NamShan Cultural centre etc. Room was clean without a balcony. Great swimming pool, open until 23:00.
Data recenzji: 14 listopada 2012

LIM – Singapur
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 3. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
A small hotel in a big city
located within the city
It is located at the heart of the city and it is very easy to access to food outlet. Although the room is rather small and the facilities are just enough, it is still acceptable consideration high population in a small countries like Hong kong. The mass rapid transist is also convenient beside the bus service.
Data recenzji: 13 listopada 2012

Njaaa – Dania
Podróż w większej grupie
Location is fine... But the people around kind of rude the place! We really don't feel secure about the place. Staff was good. Good service :)
The people who make business around the location ...
Data recenzji: 31 marca 2015

Josie – Malezja
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A group of Pakistan or...
A lot of Pakistan or Bangladesh standing at the entrance of the building. They just staring at you and tell you: i Love u, do u need a boy friend tonight?? They will say this to us almost everyday. ...
Data recenzji: 19 marca 2015

Nazgul – Kazachstan
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
Good location
Location is perfect, nothing more
The room is tiny. Only applicable for one night stay.
Data recenzji: 30 października 2012

Podróżujący służbowo
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
The location & service was good, room was small.
The hotel location & service done by Hotel was good.
Room was too small than shown in the website. It did not have enough space to keep the luggages. The room did not have intercom facility. The shower was just above the western toilet and there was not enough space to stand to take bath. I had internet connection problem during check-in. But the lady who took care of Hotel Reception was very attentive & sorted out the internet problem.
Data recenzji: 27 października 2012

Teah – Malezja
Rodziny z małymi dziećmi
value for money
The building lift is too small. Hotel surrounding building' environment are not pleasant.
Data recenzji: 26 lutego 2015

Rogelio – Filipiny
Podróż w większej grupie
So tight
Small room
Data recenzji: 11 lutego 2015

Mischelle – Filipiny
Rodziny z małymi dziećmi
Pokój trzyosobowy - 1 podwójne łóżko + 1 pojedyncze łóżko
Nocy pobytu: 3. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
Perfect Location
Clean and Quiet
Our stay was nice. Rooms are small but clean. Receptionist is able to communicate in English thus we didn't have a hard time. The manager was also friendly, we met her on our last day.
Data recenzji: 25 października 2012

anar – Mongolia
Podróżujący służbowo
Pokój trzyosobowy - 3 pojedyncze łóżka
Nocy pobytu: 3. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
good location
i did enjoyed the time in Hong Kong the hotel was clean,warm
Data recenzji: 24 października 2012

Aicahyadi – Singapur
Indywidualni podróżujący
Acceptable but don't expect for...
The room is tidy and clean up every day. Location is good, really at the center of Tsim Sha Tsui. Free wifi although I didn't use it since I have my own 4G. Bathroom is pretty standard with soap ...
When I just checked-in, I think the bed sheet wasn't changed to a new one. The room is just extremely small that there isn't any space to open your luggage. You must use your bed to open your ...
Data recenzji: 30 stycznia 2015

Jamil – Indie
Podróż z partnerem
I don't recommend this hotel
No thing
Data recenzji: 29 stycznia 2015

Supawat – Tajlandia
Podróżujący służbowo
Pokój standardowy z dwoma łóżkami
Nocy pobytu: 4. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
Poor location (in an already crowded building)
None whatsoever (except the lady that oversees this place is nice)
Well, I made a mistake thinking that this is a guest house on a stand alone building, but no, this is situated inside another mansion building. Pretty much they took a sizable condo and put up walls and break them into small dormitories. The bathroom you can't even stand on when opening the door.
Data recenzji: 21 października 2012

Supawat – Tajlandia
Podróżujący służbowo
Pokój standardowy z dwoma łóżkami
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2012
Small room inside another building
None - wouldn't recommend at all
The rooms are small, the bathroom is so small, even if you slip, you wouldn't bang your head on the floor. 80cm x 80cm bathroom with a toilet, imagine where you would stand to shower.
Data recenzji: 21 października 2012

Jay – Makau
Podróż z partnerem
A clean superior choice for...
Friendly staff were helpful and let us store our bags for a good spell after we checked out
There is only one elevator to get to the guesthouse on the 11th floor and the line can get long at times.
Data recenzji: 27 stycznia 2015





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