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Dobry 7,3
na podstawie 2543 recenzji

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z 2543 recenzji
  • Warunki w hotelu/Czystość 7,2
  • Udogodnienia 6,3
  • Lokalizacja 8,1
  • Komfort pokoju 7,3
  • Ocena personelu 7,4
  • Wart swojej ceny 7,4
  • Jedzenie/Posiłki 6,3

may S. – Japonia
Podróże z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 3. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
Data recenzji: 14 lipca 2016

SELVA K. – Malezja
Wycieczki w pojedynkę
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: lipiec 2016
Great Location
Quite central along Mabini Street. Right across Casino Filipino. One block from Robinson's Place. Spacious rooms and well appointed
Data recenzji: 09 lipca 2016

Peter S. – Szwajcaria
Wycieczki w pojedynkę
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: lipiec 2016
OK, but there are some "buts"
Location is excellent. Staff friendly. Everything is neaby: Restaurants (mostly Korean and Japanese food, some Chinese), Bars, Mall, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, McDonald´s, Pharmacy, Dentist, Casino, LTR (Metro-Train), Laundry.... If you book a standard room = floors 1-5, Mabini-Street side = very very very noisy. Backside = quiet, but 4 meters (12ft) in front of room window is a wall = wall sight and not much daylight. Guests are 50% Korean and Japanese, who usually smoke like hell, therefore most rooms smell from smoke. If you don't smoke, send previous e-mail and ask for NON SMOKING ROOM. BREAKFAST is really no big deal, so better forget it (breakfast included "special rate" on some booking platforms = forget it also). About the AIR CONDITION: 99.99% of all negative customer's comments here are on the AC which is old, very noisy and not really adjustable. In addition to that A/C is directly blowing into your face while sleeping (management says, customers like it. I did not and spent 2 full days in bed with a heavy cold (from the said A/C). I don't know how many customers will have to complaint again until the management will replace these rotten items. Tipp: Rothman hotel belongs to the same management and is just half a block away. Rothman rates are almost the same, but the hotel is in most categories far better (apart from A/C which is the same model (but at least not blowing onto the bed).And yes, there are girls going in and out in both of the hotels (some comments were about), but it's very discreet, decent and safe (doorman controls all in/outgoing guests 24h ). This is the case in all hotels of the area. If you can't live with it, don't stay in Malate, you better go to Makati which is boring (and where you pay 3 times more)....
Data recenzji: 05 lipca 2016

Shally M. – Filipiny
Podróże z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 4. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
Very clean
The hotel is old but it is super clean. I love the washroom is very roomy and smell fresh everyday😊 I stayed in the hotel for 5 days and I will book my 8 days more remaining in the hotel.
Data recenzji: 02 lipca 2016

JUN Y. – Malezja
Podróże grupowe
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
Good location
Been with this hotel from last two trip to manila, have very good experience since then, this time i book for 4 night and constantly change room everynight, first the carpet getting very old and dirty, has not been change since last renovation over ten years ago, the air conditioning not cold seem iced up , request change room everynight seem most of the room have similarity of issue, part of this, this hotel is good location, taxi everywhere and a casino just cross the road, friendly stuff.
Data recenzji: 28 czerwca 2016

Don H. – Stany Zjednoczone
Podróże z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
Terrible smell. Carpets old and dirty. The staff was amazing! Breakfast very good. BLT would not order again. Pansit Bihon alright. Free refills coffee and juice.
Data recenzji: 27 czerwca 2016

Geoff S. – Australia
Wycieczki w pojedynkę
Nocy pobytu: 6. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
2 Items need looking at! Email me?
Data recenzji: 25 czerwca 2016

liezl S. – Filipiny
Podróże z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
old hotel
The hotel is too old. The management should change the facility, or furnitures or carpet...
Data recenzji: 24 czerwca 2016

Alex B. – Wielka Brytania
Podróże służbowe
Nocy pobytu: 3. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
Love and Hate
I have a love and hate relationship with the RMH. The staff super friendly and helpful, the management bending over backwards to solve problems, the costs though more expensive than Thailand are reasonable for Manila, great location and relaxed but good security. So what is there to hate!? As a business traveller the internet was an absolute nightmare. I had to go down to the 1st floor to send files which is not how I like to work - they claim this is being sorted out but if you need internet check before you go, they are pretty honest. Also the hotel rooms called deluxe are pretty grubby, no view and the aircons are very noisy...again these are things that are being' sorted out' . Unless you plan to cook during your stay I recommend that you stay in one of the superior rooms - much nicer, cheaper, cleaner and the ones I saw had a view! I would stay here again but I know what I am getting into!
Data recenzji: 23 czerwca 2016

IMEH A. – Stany Zjednoczone
Wycieczki w pojedynkę
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2016
Every facet of the Hotel's operation was excellent in my opinion. The staff especially treated me respect, dignity and always willing to assist on any issue. The minor concern was the elevator not functioning on regular basis. I hope to come back to the hotel very soon.
Data recenzji: 22 czerwca 2016